From Burned Out To On Fire!

The Healthcare Provider's Guide Back to Fulfillment with Incredible Wealth and Freedom. Creating a life Beyond Patients is simple...but not easy. We will help you clarify your vision, design a realistic strategy with a proven step-by-step process and walk with you through the whole journey. We'll give you the support and accountability necessary to create new professional pursuits Beyond Patients. This is a process created by Healthcare Providers for Providers. We are you and we know the journey very well!


All The Tools Needed To Create A Life Beyond Patients

We help Healthcare Providers create a life Beyond Patients where they become more passionate and successful in EVERY area of their life!

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The Peak Capacity Accelerator

A Reliable Step-by-Step Process to Regain Your Passion and Find a Path That is Fulfilling and Creates Incredible Wealth and Freedom.

More Than A Coach

Peak Capacity goes far beyond the traditional practice management or life coaching model. If you're simply looking for a way to increase your practice revenue or personal income from your job, there are plenty of great coaches and organizations that do this well. Our focus is Beyond Patients.

We help our Healthcare Providers understand how to grow and leverage all of their resources, skills and superpowers to pivot into new ventures outside of their practice or clinical setting. 

Regardless if you feel like you're "born entrepreneur" at heart or not, you may want to add "new lanes" of some sort of venture or special pursuit outside of your responsibilities with patient care but just don't have the time, energy, or financial margin to make it happen. Or maybe you're at a place in life where you want to move on entirely from healthcare but need to create a bridge to "what's next".

Our process is designed to be customized to your unique situation to take you wherever you want to go!


Reliable Process

The process of moving our Healthcare Providers from stuck or burned out to recasting a new vision of life has been created over 25 years by the Peak Capacity founders while they were building and developing their own businesses in and outside of healthcare.

Our simple, step-by-step process has been proven over and over to be the most complete and reliable process available to create new professional lanes outside of healthcare, regardless the disciple you come from. 

The 12 week Beyond Patients Accelerator utilizes a unique combination of weekly online learning and real-time application exercises to help you create a clear vision and plan, with the tools that help you execute in a timeline that makes sense for your situation.

Whether you're ready to go big or start small, we'll help you develop a life that gives you the time, energy and financial margin necessary to create a new meaningful pursuit outside of your current clinical setting. We've taken all the guesswork out of it for you so you can cut your learning curve and realize your dreams sooner!



None of us were designed to live and succeed on an island alone. Yet, it's very common for Healthcare Providers to feel isolated when creating new professional pursuits outside of their current clinical setting. They think they're all alone and nobody understands their struggles and challenges. In fact, this couldn't be further from the truth. They simply haven't found the place to plug into for the right connections to help them reach their vision.

At Peak Capacity, we utilize a unique combination of online workshops, mastermind groups, and application tools to connect Healthcare Providers into a community of support and accountability to achieve new levels of success and freedom.

Imagine having a system and a group of people that remove anxiety and unknowns from developing new ventures outside of your current clinical responsibilities without fear of losing your primary income!

The Peak Capacity Systems provide all the knowledge, people and tools you need to create an amazing life Beyond Patients!

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Life at Peak Capacity

Our blog has relevant content designed to help you live at Peak Capacity!

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