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Nice or Necessary

Mar 28, 2023

A doctor friend called me today about some mutual business things we needed to hammer out. As we were finishing the conversation, he asks "Hey, you're obviously not seeing patients right now. When exactly do you see patients during the week?" As I'm still in part-time active practice, I quickly explained my patient care hours. His response was, "Wow, must be nice"! His response was common and typical but something about it made me pause this time. After we hung up, the thought occurred to me..."Is it nice or is it necessary"?

To give a little context, I had a full schedule of things I needed to get done today, including this post. I realized the margin I've created with my time and energy had reached the tipping point from being "nice", or what used to seem like an added luxury in my life, to something that was absolutely necessary for me to create and succeed at the other projects and businesses I've set before me outside of my Doctor responsibilities.

You may have heard this phrase: "Play chess while everyone else is playing checkers". In your context, that requires you taking a look at what's nice or what's necessary in helping you move to the next space in your life.

Some people may look at you investing in and creating structure and systems in your practice that require less of you as "nice". They likely have that old picture of you out on the golf course during your time out of the office.  OR is it absolutely necessary for you to figure out how to structure your practice with the right people and systems in place as to need less of you so that you're able to invest time, energy and money into your next lane so you're able to successfully accomplish what's important for the next chapter of your life?! Is the extra money you're able to bring home from your practice "nice" to have for a different vehicle or toy or vacation? OR is it absolutely necessary that you create new services and systems in your practice that will consistently bring more cashflow into your life so you have the right level of financial resources to invest into another business? When you cast a big enough future vision that requires you to evaluate if time, energy and money are Nice or Necessary, you know you're on the right path!



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